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The 2nd race didn’t go much better…

by on Dec.27, 2011, under Blog

Sorry for the lack of blogging but after such an ordinary weekend in San Candido my motivation levels were a little low. I came out on the second day ready to crush but it wasn’t to be. Both training runs went well and i felt my qualification run was fast. I got to the bottom pumped only to find myself more than 2 seconds off the pace. I was not just disappointed but also confused. The first day i made mistakes and i knew i hadn’t skied particularly well finishing in 47th. The second day though i thought i had skied semi ok and found myself even further back in 50th position. Kinda heartbreaking to think about all the time and effort i have put in over the summer to drop back 40 places from last years qualification results.

I took some time off in London over the next few days to clear my head and spend some time with family and friends before Christmas (blog on London coming soon). I couldn’t take my mind off it though and i have watched the race footage so many times trying to work out were i lost the time. I’ve come to the conclusion that i was skiing way too backseat. I’m quiet accustomed to skiing backseat but in San Candido i was way too far in the backseat, so much so that i was smearing my tails on the exits of turns and losing speed on terrain where i really should be making speed. This accompanied by a tuck that could be compared to your average Australian punter i was losing time every opportunity i got.

Back to the drawing board. I’m back in Austria at the moment working on some elements of my skiing that i have neglected lately. I have been trying my best to turn this failure into an opportunity and in doing so it has increased my motivation so much more than a win ever could. The race highlighted areas of my skiing iΒ  need to work on and in the next 10 days i intend to make some big changes in preparation for the next world cup in St Johann on the 7th of Jan.

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